Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy 2013!

So hai there!
It's been a while hasn't it?
Well...HAPPY (late-ish) 2O13! A lot of exciting things have happened recently!
But before I ramble on let me tell you I WILL be changing the blog soon :P
It is no longer the holiday season :( I don't know exactly what the new "theme" will be but yeah.. :P
ANYWAYS....Back on to exciting things....Well, I recently got a package from AG...and another package that will remain a secret for now...(unless you follow my other sites...) I did make a video for each package though!
I don't know if I will upload the one from AG because of HORRIBLE lighting xD It is VERY late right now and I am in the middle of editing a video :P It will probably continue uploading while I sleep..xD
So there is truly no point in this post... Why don't we flashback to 2O12...

Amazing things that happened in 2O12:
1. We reached 1,OOO/2,OOO subscribers!
2. We improved on our videos!
3. We had 2 new additions to our doll collection!
4. We had 2 years on YouTube!
5. We went to AGP NYC!
6. We made AMAZING friends!
7. We MET 2 YouTube friends in real life!

It was a great year and I'm really excited to see what this year holds for us! So basically this was a pointless post to update you on...nothing..? xD So yeahhhh stay tuned for the huge surprise! (Which was honestly a surprise to us too :D)