Sunday, May 27, 2012

Videos, videos, and more videos!

Helloooooo :D I

 have nothing to do and I need to tell some updates so.... yeah :P

 To start off, did you like my surprise collab with AGDE? She is amazing <33

Well, if you didn't know, that video took up most of my time s I haven't been working on videos lately. I actually haven't touched my dolls for two weeks. However... maybe a month or to ago I filmed all the rest of Lost. I'm super happy about it being over so I can work on REAL videos because I know a lot of you don't watch Lost. I

 want to do some of my old videos like Cooking with Julie, or Ivy cams, and Julie cams. But I have NO ideas at all.... Comment me some suggestions and you might just get a shout out if I use your idea! :D

By the way... I found WLMM :DDD WHOOOOO xD I found it on another computer and it is way better than my old system xD but I still use my old one for voiceovers because right now it is wayyyy easier xD

So expect lots more better edited videos :)

That's all for this post... just wanted to update you on videos :)


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Can you keep a secret? ;)

Before I start, yes I deleted my previous post xD I go through this thing where I have nothing to do so I post something and then a couple weeks after I read it and don't like it xD So yeah... but no one reads my blog anyways :P But I guess YOU are :D Well then. You are awesome! I want to get the word out about this blog :P Plus! Guess what? I got 2 comments on my blog! WOW! xD Yipeee :P Well really, thanks :D

So. What's this post about? I have a secret I'm about to spill :D Well about a video xD So I know my videos have sucked lately xD A hairstyle video, an opening video, Lost, and a photoshoot. I know you guys only mostly watch stop motions :) Well. I've been working on this HUGE video for you guys. I know I keep calling it a "HUGE" video. But, it is. I'm going to spill all about it right here. right now. stay tuned :D




Ok. How much should I tell? I don't know, we will see :D (btw this is why you should follow my blog! SECRETS :D)

So I've been working on this huge video for over a month now. I'll start with the basics. It's a stop motion! If you watch 7bubblyags (my collab) Izzy has been wearing her PJs for the past month of videos! That is for the video! So... it is a sleepover stop motion :D it was really fun and boring to film at the same time xD a bunch of the time they are talking and you have to show them waving their arms up and down 342342 times xD.

 Anyways it only took me about... 1500 pictures which you are probably going "WOW! That's a ton!" Well actually, it isn't for a stop motion. I mean, well... it is for me because most of the time my stop motions are around 600 pictures because I don't like to sit there forever. But most big stop motions are that long.

But what shocked me was the length. It's almost SIX. Yes. SIX MINUTES LONG. Which is unbelievably long for a stop motion! I mean, I thought making a MV stop motion was hard! Well sometimes I would get so bored during this I would stop in the middle xD So I basically worked on this during the weekends.

Hardships. Very many. So I use VideoPad for editing if you didn't know. HATE IT. I first got it and was like "this is pretty good :)"


After a while, whenever I saved my videos (it was worst with stop motions) It wouldn't save them. It was horrible because I spend 3 hours editing this stop motion and it wouldn't save. So I had to exit out. I was furious xD So I found this laptop of my Dad's that had WLMM. I used it and it is sooo much easier xD Because you can actually see everything you are doing AND use nice text xD yeah, my editing system SUCKS. LOL

Okay, that's it for this LONG blog post xD

Oh wait! Here's one more bean spiller xD This video is a collab :D I won't say with who, you will just have to find out :D I did the stop motion and editing and they added a few sounds effects and half of the voices, I did the others :D

Well! Look out for the video! :D

It should be out... sometime this week I hope :)

 It depends on the other person :D okay!

 Bye for real this time :D

Wow. this was long xD