Saturday, September 15, 2012

New AG Stuff!

So AG came out with some new things recently so I am going to do a review/rant! Please note these are my own opinions. If you do not agree with me that is fine, I am just stating my opinion(: I decided to do this because a lot of people are reviewing the new items and I wanted to make a new post :P I am not goibng to review every new item. I am only going to do the ones that I think are more interesting.

So here is AG's newest doll, Caroline! First off, she is pretty but as Anna basilmentos said, she looks like a Barbie. She is blond, blueish eyes, and a pink dress, just like a barbie! Caroline is also not that unique from other AG dolls. The only really "unique" thing about her is her eye color. I really wish AG made other dolls besides historical with Caroline's eye color and Ruthie's eye color. Now don't get me wrong, Caroline is very pretty! But she's just not...very unique. She has the classic face mold and blond hair, which most of AG's dolls have. A lot of her collection is like other historicals' items. Another thing I am disappointed about is the prices of everything! AG keeps raising prices :/ Caroline, her book, and accessories are $124! I do not think I will be purchasing Caroline but she is very pretty(:

I am not going to say my opinions on the rest of Caroline's collection because there are tons of opinions on that stuff :P I'm going to go straight to the MAG stuff! :D

So this is AG's new Dreamy Nightstand that sells for $58! I actually really like this! I think the the stand is really cute and I love the little accessories! But this is really expensive :/ and the drawer isn't very big. You can make one of these yourself by buying a jewelry box or little drawer from a craft store and glue it to wooden dowels or cardboard or anything else you can think of.That would cost way less than this and be just as good and probably have more space.

This is the Casual Chic Outfit that sells for $34. First off, the prices of outfits are increasing- a LOT! It used to be $20 for a shirt, pants, shoes, book, hanger, bracelet, hat, and necklace. Now it's $34 for a shirt, pants, shoes, and a hat. Another thing about this outfit is that it reminds me a lot of other MAG outfits. It is kind of a mix between the Cozy Sweater Outfit and the Pretty in Plaid Dress. Personally, I don't find this outfit very appealing. All there really is in this outfit is a purple shirt, purple shoes, plain jeans, and a pink hat. You could probably sew something like this or find an off brand doll outfit that looks just like this.

This is the Winter Chalet that sells for $150. When I looked at it for the first time I thought it was kind of cute....Then I looked at the price. I was so shocked! There had to be something super special about it so I looked at the other pictures of it. It turns out its not special! It's just a little house that a doll can barley fit in! When I saw the picture of the doll in it the doll looked so smushed!

Poor doll! It's feet are basically in the fireplace! I think the idea was really cute but there's no room! If I tried to do a stop motion in it she probably would not be able to stand up without hitting the roof! I think this was a really cute idea but it has no use.

This is AG's new Snowboard Outfit & Gear. Sold together they are $72! That is really expensive for an outfit and a doll sized snowboard! I personally don't like the pattern on this jacket...I liked the old one a lot better. Another thing is at a local toy store, I saw a snowboarding set for 18" dolls that looks EXACTLY like this. The only difference was colors and it was $25. I would probably buy that over this one.

This is the Purple Part Outfit that sells for $36. I think this is kind of cute. I really like the color and the bow. I also love the shoes(: It isn't AG's traditional red holiday dress. I like that it is a little different but it is almost $40...and $40 for a doll dress, tights, shoes, and headband is a lot of money :/

This is the Rosy Red Outfit for $36. I actually really like this dress! I really love the little ribbon on the shoulder and the gathering. The headband can be mixed and matched a lot as well. The shoes are cute but I feel like all of AG's shoes are the same-a solid color with a little detail on the side. I am considering buying this because I have never gotten one of AG's holiday dresses and I really like this one(: However, it is expensive.

And that's it for my review/opinion! What do you think of the new AG items? Leave a comment below! Thanks for reading this! :D

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Notice anything different?(:

That's right!

I redid the entire blog! I actually didn't plan this AT ALL. I was only going to do a new banner because
1. I had a new doll
2. I didn't like the other one

But it ended up looking funny because the banner was purple and everything else was pink.

I'm not crazy about the BG :/ I mean, blogspot didn't offer anything purple so I had to find a different picture. I know it's a little hard to see things but I hope you don't mind!

But good news for those of you who don't like the new layout!

This is COMPLETELY temporary!

The only reason I changed the banner (which caused me to change everything else) was because I hated the old one! It was resized funny and the picture was really ugly xD

But in a couple months I will re do everything!

Anyways, school is SUPER busy so sorry if I don't upload much :/ I will be trying to post a lot here! :D

Anyways, thanks for reading!

Let me know what you think of the new layout!

Do you like this one of the old one better?