Sunday, December 16, 2012

Winter Wonderland! :D

So...did you notice anything different?
Do you like the new layout? :D I know the banner's a bit off center but oh well hahaha!
I like how everything looks! :D
Anyways, the holidays and break are near!
I can't wait for the break!
I've been SO busy :/
If you haven't seen my new video explaining why there has been no good videos, go check it out! :D
I'm also working on a Christmas special!
Check out my Flickr for a sneak peak! :D
Also be sure to check out the new poll and my etsy! :D
Thanks for reading my blog! ^_^

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Hey guys(:
It's Julie here and its FINALLYYYYY December! That means it's time for-
Ivy stop it! As I was's time for...
Hey! It's Isabella! And uh's DOLLIDAYS....oh Reagan wants to say something..   
Hi! So I just wanted to say no matter what holiday you celebrate, have a great holiday! and th-
Guys...let's sto-
uhm guys...shouldn't we get to the point of this post..?   
oh..right! So uh...happy holidays blah blah...
that's not very nice Julie! Well....we have tons of videos planned...but we might not get to-
Okay calm down Kaylee! Like..wayyy down...
but don't worry! We are trying our best! But this is probably the busiest time of the year :P
Yeah! so-
Mom's coming...!!!
ahhhh byeeeeee            

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Hey guys!

So if you didn't know, I got a new camera AND a new doll! :D Here is the video that explains everything(:

So anyways, since I did get a new doll, I had to update my doll's bios! :D And I added new horrible photos! :D Go check them out(;

So anyways, I also just wanted to say that currently my CURRENT editing system is broken, so I'm using my old one. However, my old one can't handle "big" edits like AGSMs. The most I can do is put together a few clips but it takes a LONG time to create a video.

So there won't be any "great" videos for a while and I hope you understand! But I do have a new poll up! :D Vote on it! :D

Thanks for reading this short post!(:

Sunday, October 28, 2012


Hey guys! :D
So guess what?? I have a TON of new updates!!
What are they?
Well let me tell you-

Haha! For now at least :P So right now I'm having troubles with my current editing system. But I MAY have a way to fix that(;

But all the updates either HAVE happened or are GOING to happen!

Once I can upload videos, I will reveal what all the updates are! :P

But for now, you can guess and vote on my poll(;

So that's it!

Oh before I go, Happy Dollween(; I want to make a video but I don't know if I can because of my editing system :/ We will see!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Time flies...

Hey guys!(:
It's been a while!
Anyways... The title is there for many purposes.....Let's start positively! 3,000. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. Thank you to my subscribers who made this happen. Who have watched my videos and supported me all the way. Thank you to my AMAZING friends that have made this experience so much funner.

And thank you to my viewers [subscribers]. The ones that comment something nice and watch my videos. You are all so sweet and you made this happen. This is just....unbelievable. I logged on one day and saw I had a TON of channel comments. They all said "Congrats!" confused, I checked my subscriber count. My jaw dropped. 3,000♥.
I remember the day I got 1,000. It seems like it was just yesterday but at the same time it feels like it was so long ago. That was unexpected...and think there are 3,000 of you that like my videos enough to's just....crazy! THANK YOUUUU<3

So now on to the other purpose of this post.....Time really does fly...I am SO SO busy right now! I have a couple of videos already filmed but that need to be edited but the problem is finding time to edit....I'm trying to get a video up today but I don't know if I can get it done. I have 2 projects due this week and one isn't really..started :P I also am not sure if I can upload a video next week since I am going to be out of town. So I don't really know what's happening :/ And I don't know whats going on for 3,000 either. People keep asking for a AG brand prize contest but they are kinda expensive....And I just did a AGMV for 2,000....and I don't have ideas for a new series....I'll figure something out eventually....But in the mean time, feel free to vote on my new poll! You can select multiple answers as well(:

Even logging in has been a time issue :/ whenever I log on I'm usually out and about using a phone. I never really have time to get on the computer and go on YouTube. Whenever I's usually by phone and all I do is answers messages, comments, and check my subscriptions box. I never have time to edit...not to mention I have multiple channels.

I'll try to find the time but if the videos I upload aren't that know why(: If you read this post...THANK YOU. I love it when people actually read my blog haha xD

Anyways...I love comments :P Thanks for reading!!


Saturday, September 15, 2012

New AG Stuff!

So AG came out with some new things recently so I am going to do a review/rant! Please note these are my own opinions. If you do not agree with me that is fine, I am just stating my opinion(: I decided to do this because a lot of people are reviewing the new items and I wanted to make a new post :P I am not goibng to review every new item. I am only going to do the ones that I think are more interesting.

So here is AG's newest doll, Caroline! First off, she is pretty but as Anna basilmentos said, she looks like a Barbie. She is blond, blueish eyes, and a pink dress, just like a barbie! Caroline is also not that unique from other AG dolls. The only really "unique" thing about her is her eye color. I really wish AG made other dolls besides historical with Caroline's eye color and Ruthie's eye color. Now don't get me wrong, Caroline is very pretty! But she's just not...very unique. She has the classic face mold and blond hair, which most of AG's dolls have. A lot of her collection is like other historicals' items. Another thing I am disappointed about is the prices of everything! AG keeps raising prices :/ Caroline, her book, and accessories are $124! I do not think I will be purchasing Caroline but she is very pretty(:

I am not going to say my opinions on the rest of Caroline's collection because there are tons of opinions on that stuff :P I'm going to go straight to the MAG stuff! :D

So this is AG's new Dreamy Nightstand that sells for $58! I actually really like this! I think the the stand is really cute and I love the little accessories! But this is really expensive :/ and the drawer isn't very big. You can make one of these yourself by buying a jewelry box or little drawer from a craft store and glue it to wooden dowels or cardboard or anything else you can think of.That would cost way less than this and be just as good and probably have more space.

This is the Casual Chic Outfit that sells for $34. First off, the prices of outfits are increasing- a LOT! It used to be $20 for a shirt, pants, shoes, book, hanger, bracelet, hat, and necklace. Now it's $34 for a shirt, pants, shoes, and a hat. Another thing about this outfit is that it reminds me a lot of other MAG outfits. It is kind of a mix between the Cozy Sweater Outfit and the Pretty in Plaid Dress. Personally, I don't find this outfit very appealing. All there really is in this outfit is a purple shirt, purple shoes, plain jeans, and a pink hat. You could probably sew something like this or find an off brand doll outfit that looks just like this.

This is the Winter Chalet that sells for $150. When I looked at it for the first time I thought it was kind of cute....Then I looked at the price. I was so shocked! There had to be something super special about it so I looked at the other pictures of it. It turns out its not special! It's just a little house that a doll can barley fit in! When I saw the picture of the doll in it the doll looked so smushed!

Poor doll! It's feet are basically in the fireplace! I think the idea was really cute but there's no room! If I tried to do a stop motion in it she probably would not be able to stand up without hitting the roof! I think this was a really cute idea but it has no use.

This is AG's new Snowboard Outfit & Gear. Sold together they are $72! That is really expensive for an outfit and a doll sized snowboard! I personally don't like the pattern on this jacket...I liked the old one a lot better. Another thing is at a local toy store, I saw a snowboarding set for 18" dolls that looks EXACTLY like this. The only difference was colors and it was $25. I would probably buy that over this one.

This is the Purple Part Outfit that sells for $36. I think this is kind of cute. I really like the color and the bow. I also love the shoes(: It isn't AG's traditional red holiday dress. I like that it is a little different but it is almost $40...and $40 for a doll dress, tights, shoes, and headband is a lot of money :/

This is the Rosy Red Outfit for $36. I actually really like this dress! I really love the little ribbon on the shoulder and the gathering. The headband can be mixed and matched a lot as well. The shoes are cute but I feel like all of AG's shoes are the same-a solid color with a little detail on the side. I am considering buying this because I have never gotten one of AG's holiday dresses and I really like this one(: However, it is expensive.

And that's it for my review/opinion! What do you think of the new AG items? Leave a comment below! Thanks for reading this! :D

Saturday, September 8, 2012


Notice anything different?(:

That's right!

I redid the entire blog! I actually didn't plan this AT ALL. I was only going to do a new banner because
1. I had a new doll
2. I didn't like the other one

But it ended up looking funny because the banner was purple and everything else was pink.

I'm not crazy about the BG :/ I mean, blogspot didn't offer anything purple so I had to find a different picture. I know it's a little hard to see things but I hope you don't mind!

But good news for those of you who don't like the new layout!

This is COMPLETELY temporary!

The only reason I changed the banner (which caused me to change everything else) was because I hated the old one! It was resized funny and the picture was really ugly xD

But in a couple months I will re do everything!

Anyways, school is SUPER busy so sorry if I don't upload much :/ I will be trying to post a lot here! :D

Anyways, thanks for reading!

Let me know what you think of the new layout!

Do you like this one of the old one better?


Sunday, August 26, 2012

School :/

So....Everyone's doing posts on school xD

So.... here we go xD

Anyways, school is starting soon and I'm going to be super busy :(  I'm going to try and upload a video every week but I'm not sure I will have time to film and edit.... Right now I'm filming as much as I can so I will have tons to upload when school starts.

Do any of you have ideas for videos? And please be specific.. like don't say:
Cooking with Julie
Ivy Cam

specify what you what you want to happen like in the video or what you want them to make!

I will also not be online as much when school starts so please do not get upset if I don't answer your comments or messages right away. I will try and answer ever message and will go through my comments whenever I log on(:

So yeah! Thanks for reading!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Video Overload :o


AHHHH I have SO many videos to post! I'm trying not to post more than 4 videos a week but its so hard because I have some videos that have deadlines! I'm holding auditions for something and I made the video but I keep having to delay when I upload it :/ I also wanted to do weekly AGSMs but I really don't know!

Unfrosted is just making things harder. I also wanted to do a thank you for 2,000 and maybe a couple more videos for that but I honestly have NO idea when I can get those out. I have a lot of videos that still need to be edited. What should I do?

However, I am getting a good turn out with Unfrosted! I'm happy how it's turning out(: I also I've been trying to hold daily tinychats! So yeah xD Summer has flown by and its coming to an end kind of soon :O

But yeah xD that's enough updates right now xD This wasn't really a good post xD but please let me know what I should do.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Movie(:


 I know I posted a couple days ago xD I just wanted to update you guys on my summer movie!(:

Anyways, I have never actually done a summer movie! I did a Halloween special I never ended up finishing xD I might this year....idk :P I didn't really like it!

STORY TIME(: *ahem* So, here is what happened with my summer movie:

Anyways, I was sitting in my room one day, about to go to bed and looking at this food set I had for my dolls. And I thought about movies. I decided I wanted to base a movie of the food set, which was of course CUPCAKES xD. Anyways so the main character is a baker(: Then I though for a while and the rest of the movie flowed out! I then had an entire movie planned! 

The next morning I decided to film it. I really wanted to have a real trailer. The only time I did one was for AGAIN my Halloween special. And that time it wasn't even a real trailer. I didn't use clips from the actual movie. It was very unpolished. So I started filming and filming. After a day of filming I had the first 2 parts of the movie. The night before I had planned out what would happen in each part and had come to the conclusion I would have around 4 or 5 parts total. Each being around 7-15 minutes.

I am extremely happy with the results. When I first started shooting it was perfect! The first part of the movie happens indoors with a couple outdoor scenes. Which was unfortunate because that day, someone decided to put a heater or something on xD Anyways, I filmed that and the whole first part. Then I watched it. I had made a mistake with the names. *face palm* I was about to re-film the clip but then I realized I did it with almost all the clips including that character. I decided I would switch the names and edit out the wrongs ones.

For part 2, most of it was filmed in a poorly lit area. I thought it really fat in with the who scenario so I left it. So part 2 has some bad lighting but it is intentional.

I have yet to film the rest of the parts! I am so excited to see it come together! I am hoping to get all the parts done by the end of this week, if not earlier. Then I will release the trailer either at the end of this week or next week. I decided I will release each part once a week. So the schedule would look something like this(keep in mind these are estimates):
July15- Trailer
July 22- Part 1
July 29- Part 2
August 5- Part 3
August 12- Part 4
August 19- Part 5 (if there is one)

These are total guesses though! I have no idea when they will really be up!

Well...thanks for reading this awfuly long blog post(:

Comments are appreciated!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Dolls, dolls, dolls!


I want more dolls xD

Yeah yeah I know I just got Reagan xD

But I have other dolls I want (actually they aren't really dolls you can get at AG xD)

I really want :
 *To eye swap one of my dolls
*A boy doll

So anyways majority of my dolls have brown eyes. I love them but I really want variety in my dolls. So I really want to eye swap one... I won't say which one :P With blue eyes.... (it's probably obvious xD) But the problem is...I really don't want to pay for another doll. Which is funny because duhhh you have to pay for a doll to get one xD

Anyways...the other doll I want is a boy doll. Now you are probably gonna go all
"Everyone wants a boy doll! You are just copying!"

To be honest... I've actually wanted a boy doll for the longest time. I just never REALLY thought about it because I wanted Reagan. Now that I have Reagan I can think about other dolls. I want a boy dolls because:

1. I really want to customize a doll!
2. A boy doll would really be helpful in videos
3. The boy dolls on AGTube turn out really well!

But I need ANOTHER doll. So basically I would need 2 more dolls :/ The boy doll would probably have either gray or green eyes because those are the only eye colors I don't have.

So basically...what I'm asking I guess is.... Are there any of you out there that are selling your dolls? They can be super beat up xD I mean the eye swap doesn't really matter as long as the eyes are in good condition. Actually...what might happen is I would eye swap and then sell the other one xD idk yet but yeah!

I am making a video about this too but thought I would post this in advance. Please let me know(:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2,000 Plans(:


I'm trying to update my blog a LOT. I really love blogging and stuff(:

Anyways....back to the post... xD This is about 2,000 subscribers. I am about 500 away. I am shocked. Literally. I never thought I would get this far. I only DREAMED about 1,000. I NEVER in a million years thought I would reach that goal. And I want to thank all of you for that(:

When I got 1,000 it was during school and I held a contest. Well  when  I mean IF I get 2,000 I wanted to do something big for you guys. I probably won't hold a contest.... Everyone asks me to but I spend my own money on that. And I just had a contest. I want to do something different.

Here are some ideas I had:
*Movie (I don't know if I will have enough dolls. But about what?)
*HUGE Stopmotion (About what?)
*Music video (songs? storyline? or fun?)

So PLEASE comment down below with your DESCRIPTIVE ideas(:

If I pick your idea...You might earn yourself a shout out! :D

Thank you SO much you guys(:

Peace out(:

P.S. I added some polls(: Go vote! :D  

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Welcome Reagan! :D

Guess what? Well you have probably heard already but...I got a new doll! :D
I will be posting a haul (including her opening video) soon!
If you check out the doll section of my blog or my flickr, you will find out about her and some pictures.

Anyways... I bought her at AGP NYC(:
There is a whole vlog you can check out on my channel! :D
Back to Reagan xD... She is gorgeous and I LOVE her hair! 
She is one of my new favorites but shhh... don't tell Julie ;)
Not many people have her so she is really unique.

She hasn't "officially"  been seen in any of my videos yet!
But as I said before... Check out my Flickr and blog to get sneak peeks! :D

I am also working on some new videos for you guys(: Comment some requests!

Just a couple sneak peeks on some videos:
*A Reagan SM
*Cooking with Julie

I'm also going to be posting more on my backup! :D 

Just a quick little post for you guys(:
Please comment! :D


Friday, June 8, 2012

Changes and contests ^_~

Hey! :D

Notice anything different...? About the blog? xD Yeah I spent like 2 hours trying to make the banner fit and then going through every little tab trying to figure out what it does xD What do you think..? I think it looks... better xD Check here often for updates and stuff :)

So... I just wanted to let ever know stuff about the contest(: I have been getting TONS of messages and comments asking "WHO WON THE CONTEST???!" And it's getting really annoying. Guys just be patient. The majority of the time I log on is by phone. And I save all my videos on the computer. I just noticed a glitch so I am re editing the results. I don't know when I will be able to upload them though.  Hopefully soon.

Also. For videos, I am uploading REALLY often. That's because I have so many videos made a ready to edit and I need to upload some so I don't have to keep them in my folder. I have lots of videos in the works (a new stop motion, cooking with julie) and I can't wait for you guys to see them(:

I am hoping to hold a tinychat party soon :) So many people ask when the next one will be... I am not exactly sure but... yeah :P


P.S. I got a Flickr! :D

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Videos, videos, and more videos!

Helloooooo :D I

 have nothing to do and I need to tell some updates so.... yeah :P

 To start off, did you like my surprise collab with AGDE? She is amazing <33

Well, if you didn't know, that video took up most of my time s I haven't been working on videos lately. I actually haven't touched my dolls for two weeks. However... maybe a month or to ago I filmed all the rest of Lost. I'm super happy about it being over so I can work on REAL videos because I know a lot of you don't watch Lost. I

 want to do some of my old videos like Cooking with Julie, or Ivy cams, and Julie cams. But I have NO ideas at all.... Comment me some suggestions and you might just get a shout out if I use your idea! :D

By the way... I found WLMM :DDD WHOOOOO xD I found it on another computer and it is way better than my old system xD but I still use my old one for voiceovers because right now it is wayyyy easier xD

So expect lots more better edited videos :)

That's all for this post... just wanted to update you on videos :)


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Can you keep a secret? ;)

Before I start, yes I deleted my previous post xD I go through this thing where I have nothing to do so I post something and then a couple weeks after I read it and don't like it xD So yeah... but no one reads my blog anyways :P But I guess YOU are :D Well then. You are awesome! I want to get the word out about this blog :P Plus! Guess what? I got 2 comments on my blog! WOW! xD Yipeee :P Well really, thanks :D

So. What's this post about? I have a secret I'm about to spill :D Well about a video xD So I know my videos have sucked lately xD A hairstyle video, an opening video, Lost, and a photoshoot. I know you guys only mostly watch stop motions :) Well. I've been working on this HUGE video for you guys. I know I keep calling it a "HUGE" video. But, it is. I'm going to spill all about it right here. right now. stay tuned :D




Ok. How much should I tell? I don't know, we will see :D (btw this is why you should follow my blog! SECRETS :D)

So I've been working on this huge video for over a month now. I'll start with the basics. It's a stop motion! If you watch 7bubblyags (my collab) Izzy has been wearing her PJs for the past month of videos! That is for the video! So... it is a sleepover stop motion :D it was really fun and boring to film at the same time xD a bunch of the time they are talking and you have to show them waving their arms up and down 342342 times xD.

 Anyways it only took me about... 1500 pictures which you are probably going "WOW! That's a ton!" Well actually, it isn't for a stop motion. I mean, well... it is for me because most of the time my stop motions are around 600 pictures because I don't like to sit there forever. But most big stop motions are that long.

But what shocked me was the length. It's almost SIX. Yes. SIX MINUTES LONG. Which is unbelievably long for a stop motion! I mean, I thought making a MV stop motion was hard! Well sometimes I would get so bored during this I would stop in the middle xD So I basically worked on this during the weekends.

Hardships. Very many. So I use VideoPad for editing if you didn't know. HATE IT. I first got it and was like "this is pretty good :)"


After a while, whenever I saved my videos (it was worst with stop motions) It wouldn't save them. It was horrible because I spend 3 hours editing this stop motion and it wouldn't save. So I had to exit out. I was furious xD So I found this laptop of my Dad's that had WLMM. I used it and it is sooo much easier xD Because you can actually see everything you are doing AND use nice text xD yeah, my editing system SUCKS. LOL

Okay, that's it for this LONG blog post xD

Oh wait! Here's one more bean spiller xD This video is a collab :D I won't say with who, you will just have to find out :D I did the stop motion and editing and they added a few sounds effects and half of the voices, I did the others :D

Well! Look out for the video! :D

It should be out... sometime this week I hope :)

 It depends on the other person :D okay!

 Bye for real this time :D

Wow. this was long xD

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Starting Fresh :)

Hey guys! (Oh, that's a pretty picture I took today :D ^^^ should it be my icon?)So if you didn't know, I posted a few posts before. However, I didn't like them all so I decided to delete them and I am starting fresh :) So, if you didn't know, I'm new to the whole "blogging" thing and I need some- ok ALOT of help. If anyone could please comment and tell me how to create banners and place them, that would be amazing :) Please help me! Thank you so so so so much! Haha I haven't gotten any comments yet, but hopefully that will change! haha Ok, byee!!!