All About the Dolls

Julie- My very first doll! She is a total girly girl and loves fashion and shopping! Julie is also very outgoing and bold. She isn't afraid to try new things! She doesn't do very well in school because she doesn't focus on anything unless it's fashion related. She is always shopping and teaching her sisters the dos and don'ts of fashion. She isn't a crazy fan of having new sisters but hey! More people to make over! :) She dreams of becoming a fashion designer or model and her favorite color is pink of course!

Isabella- My second doll! She loves drawing and is an artist. She loves any type of craft and often doodles during class. She can be shy at first but as you get to know her you will find out she's a little crazy xD (In a good way :P) She is always coming up with crazy adventures for the sisters to go on and she loves having new sisters and friends. She hopes to be a photographer or artist when she is older! Her favorite color is baby blue!

Reagan- My third doll! Reagan has a passion for dancing and music. She loves any type of dance whether its jazz, hip hop, lyrical or many more. However, her favorite type of dance is ballet. Reagan also plays the flute. She can be very shy, but after you get to know her she is very sweet. Even though she is shy, she loves performing. She doesn't mind being alone but she loves meeting new people. Most of her time is spent alone practicing new dances she creates. She dreams of becoming a professional dancer. Her favorite color is purple!

Kaylee- My fourth doll! Kaylee is a super energetic, spunky girl. She is very outgoing, and that sometimes gets her into trouble. She also loves pulling pranks, which is why she loves April Fool's Day! Since she is so energetic, she has to do something to that requires a lot of strength. That is why Kaylee loves gymnastics! She is very daring and loves trying new things at the gym. She loves making new friends and is quite a chatterbox! She looks up to all of the Olympian gymnasts and hopes to someday be one of them. Kaylee's favorite color is lime green.

Connor- My fifth doll! Connor loves all sports, especially soccer! He isn't shy at all and can be very competitive, which is why he gets along best with Kaylee. He loves going outside and plays soccer everyday, rain or shine. He loves talking to new people but doesn't mind listening either. Connor is a people person, always making new friends and being friendly to everyone. He dreams of becoming a professional soccer player and already plays on a competitive team. Connor's favorite color is dark blue.

Macie- My sixth doll! Macie is a really sweet animal lover! She volunteers at animal shelters in her free time and loves it! Macie is very friendly and easy to talk to! She loves talking to people and hanging out with friends. Her favorite type of animals are dogs! She dreams of becoming a veterinarian and her favorite color is lilac.

Paige- My seventh doll! Paige is the smartest of the sisters and kind of the mother of the family. She is always giving them advice and telling them what to do. Paige is also very cautious but outgoing. She always takes a while to make decisions. She loves teasing Julie and enjoys going outside. Her favorite book is the Hunger Games! Her favorite color is red!