Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Movie(:


 I know I posted a couple days ago xD I just wanted to update you guys on my summer movie!(:

Anyways, I have never actually done a summer movie! I did a Halloween special I never ended up finishing xD I might this year....idk :P I didn't really like it!

STORY TIME(: *ahem* So, here is what happened with my summer movie:

Anyways, I was sitting in my room one day, about to go to bed and looking at this food set I had for my dolls. And I thought about movies. I decided I wanted to base a movie of the food set, which was of course CUPCAKES xD. Anyways so the main character is a baker(: Then I though for a while and the rest of the movie flowed out! I then had an entire movie planned! 

The next morning I decided to film it. I really wanted to have a real trailer. The only time I did one was for AGAIN my Halloween special. And that time it wasn't even a real trailer. I didn't use clips from the actual movie. It was very unpolished. So I started filming and filming. After a day of filming I had the first 2 parts of the movie. The night before I had planned out what would happen in each part and had come to the conclusion I would have around 4 or 5 parts total. Each being around 7-15 minutes.

I am extremely happy with the results. When I first started shooting it was perfect! The first part of the movie happens indoors with a couple outdoor scenes. Which was unfortunate because that day, someone decided to put a heater or something on xD Anyways, I filmed that and the whole first part. Then I watched it. I had made a mistake with the names. *face palm* I was about to re-film the clip but then I realized I did it with almost all the clips including that character. I decided I would switch the names and edit out the wrongs ones.

For part 2, most of it was filmed in a poorly lit area. I thought it really fat in with the who scenario so I left it. So part 2 has some bad lighting but it is intentional.

I have yet to film the rest of the parts! I am so excited to see it come together! I am hoping to get all the parts done by the end of this week, if not earlier. Then I will release the trailer either at the end of this week or next week. I decided I will release each part once a week. So the schedule would look something like this(keep in mind these are estimates):
July15- Trailer
July 22- Part 1
July 29- Part 2
August 5- Part 3
August 12- Part 4
August 19- Part 5 (if there is one)

These are total guesses though! I have no idea when they will really be up!

Well...thanks for reading this awfuly long blog post(:

Comments are appreciated!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Dolls, dolls, dolls!


I want more dolls xD

Yeah yeah I know I just got Reagan xD

But I have other dolls I want (actually they aren't really dolls you can get at AG xD)

I really want :
 *To eye swap one of my dolls
*A boy doll

So anyways majority of my dolls have brown eyes. I love them but I really want variety in my dolls. So I really want to eye swap one... I won't say which one :P With blue eyes.... (it's probably obvious xD) But the problem is...I really don't want to pay for another doll. Which is funny because duhhh you have to pay for a doll to get one xD

Anyways...the other doll I want is a boy doll. Now you are probably gonna go all
"Everyone wants a boy doll! You are just copying!"

To be honest... I've actually wanted a boy doll for the longest time. I just never REALLY thought about it because I wanted Reagan. Now that I have Reagan I can think about other dolls. I want a boy dolls because:

1. I really want to customize a doll!
2. A boy doll would really be helpful in videos
3. The boy dolls on AGTube turn out really well!

But I need ANOTHER doll. So basically I would need 2 more dolls :/ The boy doll would probably have either gray or green eyes because those are the only eye colors I don't have.

So basically...what I'm asking I guess is.... Are there any of you out there that are selling your dolls? They can be super beat up xD I mean the eye swap doesn't really matter as long as the eyes are in good condition. Actually...what might happen is I would eye swap and then sell the other one xD idk yet but yeah!

I am making a video about this too but thought I would post this in advance. Please let me know(: