Sunday, August 26, 2012

School :/

So....Everyone's doing posts on school xD

So.... here we go xD

Anyways, school is starting soon and I'm going to be super busy :(  I'm going to try and upload a video every week but I'm not sure I will have time to film and edit.... Right now I'm filming as much as I can so I will have tons to upload when school starts.

Do any of you have ideas for videos? And please be specific.. like don't say:
Cooking with Julie
Ivy Cam

specify what you what you want to happen like in the video or what you want them to make!

I will also not be online as much when school starts so please do not get upset if I don't answer your comments or messages right away. I will try and answer ever message and will go through my comments whenever I log on(:

So yeah! Thanks for reading!

Friday, August 3, 2012

Video Overload :o


AHHHH I have SO many videos to post! I'm trying not to post more than 4 videos a week but its so hard because I have some videos that have deadlines! I'm holding auditions for something and I made the video but I keep having to delay when I upload it :/ I also wanted to do weekly AGSMs but I really don't know!

Unfrosted is just making things harder. I also wanted to do a thank you for 2,000 and maybe a couple more videos for that but I honestly have NO idea when I can get those out. I have a lot of videos that still need to be edited. What should I do?

However, I am getting a good turn out with Unfrosted! I'm happy how it's turning out(: I also I've been trying to hold daily tinychats! So yeah xD Summer has flown by and its coming to an end kind of soon :O

But yeah xD that's enough updates right now xD This wasn't really a good post xD but please let me know what I should do.