Monday, June 24, 2013


Well hi!! It's another late night blog post xD

This one should be a little quicker.... I am aware I should be sleeping XD

But anyways ITS SUMMER and I'm actually really pumped for videos!

Too bad I have no ideas xD

I really want to film creative things more often! If you have suggestions comment below (but I approve all comments before they show up)

I wish I could do a movie but I have no ideas as I always say xD

But yeah so this was a pointless little post but I'm alive on here xD

f you really want to stay updated I suggest following my instagram {@ilovesabiee} it is linked in my links tab!

I always post stuff there so feel free to check it out and follow!

Okay so I'm aware no one really reads my blog xD but yeah okay bye XD


  1. Hi, don't worry I read your blog :) If you have any pets, you could make a video of your dolls finding the pet, or you could make one of the dolls trying to figure out what something "human-sized" is that they've never seen before. I hope this helped and have a fun summer! :)

  2. do a video about packing for camp and they do a camp series