Friday, September 20, 2013


hello! well i mean its been a long time huh?

and its also been a long time since I've uploaded. im so so sorry but i hope you understand. School is so hectic even though it just started. and also i actually made a video last week but the voiceovers arent working and without them the video doesnt work. also i use my moms laptop to edit and she took it with her on a work trip.

nothing is working out for videos right now. but i hope you understand. hopefully i cant still manage to uploaded once every 1-2 weeks. and if not stay posted on instagram. i try and keep you updated there. i will also try to check my youtube once a week, thats all i have time for really. so i will try and keep you posted through bulletins and headers.

thank you guys so much for everything. im so sorry.

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  1. Ok! I understand! Please subscribe to me on youtube at pugpup8822 ;)

    <3 Thanks<3